Here it is folks , the end of ramadan . It’s a great time to look back and reflect on how you did, those who stuck to the keto diet can be amazed at the energy they had and the fat they have lost, those who ate anything can look at it as a chance gone begging,

So I managed to fast for 2 weeks during Ramadan whilst maintaining energy for my work commitments and just enough energy for the gruelling crossfit workouts , I only did it for 2 weeks as although I performed admirably in my wods I felt I could and should do more .. so I reverted back to my 3 meals a day/ eat when I’m hungry schedule.
And now EID is here everyone needs to be a little bit sensible with the eating as all those amazing things you have done and the weight you have lost during Ramadan will be lost, its incredibly easy to jump back onto the carb band wagon and succumb to the addiction , one bit of advice is stay away from the chocolate 😛 I am in the VIP lounge at Manchester airport eating an amazing green leaf salad with chicken, salchicha, olives and cheese , BUT….. there is a mountain of chocolate rocky road and chocolate cookies staring at me , 20170625_170708.jpgI will not break , they hold nothing over me anymore… today I am strong and you will be to.20170625_165037


New strategy .. I’m going to skip breakfast .

DAY 5 .. Garryfitness woke up at 0230 … And had keema mince and a 2 egg omelette with cream and was stuffed , fell to sleep at gone 4 and woke up at 0700 …. TIRED .. where’s the sleep gone

Weirdly tired but had energy felt hungry at about 4:30 pm. Chilled on the bed before 8:15 pm training…

Now I’m in OPTIMAL NUTRITIONAL KETOSIS..20170602_075247

After feeding myself with chocolate and flapjack and cookies on Sunday.. ( my devil got the better of me) I’m back on track 💪💪


lemon water and salt
Starters : garlic mushrooms and brie.
Main : 2 x marinated chicken thighs , mushroom cheese burger, goose egg .
Deserts: not today.
BREAKFAST . Skipping breakfast… going to eat again at 11pm

Day 4… shouldn’t have woke up for breakfast

DAY 4 .. Garryfitness woke up at 0230 … And had keema mince and a 2 egg omelette and was stuffed , it took an hour to fall asleep and then wake up at 0700

Very tired early morning, I felt hungrier at around 9 am but that was it, energy went crazy at about 4:30 pm. I felt awesome.

TRAINING.. finished work at 8pm so no training

lemon water and salt
Starters : olives and brie.
Main : mince meat, spinach omelette with brie and cheesy garlic mushrooms 20170601_205430.jpg
Deserts: not today.
BREAKFAST . ( alarm.set .. I must get up) thin omelette and keema mince with cream.

DAY 3 … missed breakfast yesterday

DAY 3 IN THE BIG BROTHER fasting HOUSE…..Garryfitness turned his alarm off at 0230 and missed breakfast… again ..

Once again I felt hungry at around 9 am but that was it, energy went crazy at about 4:30 pm. I felt awesome.

TRAINING.. 5 rounds of
20 DUs and 10 deficit push ups Screenshot_20170601-085856.png
Followed by
Max reps toe to beam and chair dips . . Felt good .. DUs were a chore .Screenshot_20170601-085817

lemon water and salt
Starters : olives and haloumi
Main : marinated chicken thigh, homemade burger, 4 eggs and brie
Deserts: spoonful of extra thick double cream and half an avocado .
BREAKFAST . ( alarm.set .. I must get up) thin omelette and keema mince ….

The English Fast day 2 … 22 hours fasting? Not a problem


So it didn’t start very well, i forgot to confirm my alarm at 0230 so therefore I missed breakfast , top tip … don’t skip breakfast . Next meal is at 20:44.. basically 22 hours between meals ..

I felt hungry at around 9 am but that was it, feel good now with 2 hours and 23.5 minutes to go till food,

TRAINING.. 20 minutes of
5 strict pull ups on a wooden beam in the old cottage
10 push ups
15 squats …..

13 rounds and 19 reps.. damn i felt good and almost forgot to start cooking.

lemon water and salt
Starters : olives and haloumi20170530_205228.jpg
Main : a treat from my Qatari friend who made his special mincemeat omelette with mushrooms, cheese and cream with a few fresh green chillies. Awesome taste 20170530_210151.jpg20170530_210020.jpg
Deserts: spoonful of extra thick double cream ( IF I’m not stuffed ).. I was stuffed
BREAKFAST . ( set the alarm ) thin omelette and keema mince



So… This is my first day of fasting , and I’m fasting in the UK which means iftar is at 20:40 ( 8:40pm )not 4:30 pm as in certain parts of the middle east and the sun rises ( suhoor) at 02:40.
There are 2 reasons why I’m fasting, No1 is to show that on a ketogenic diet the body can adapt without any problems, the only problem I have felt is the lack of water today as I didn’t prepare properly last night, and..
No2 is that I’m working with a young guy who’s fasting for the first time in Europe away from his family ( a Qatari ) and I need him to still be able to work a usual 10 hours a day with no dip in performance. ( rest breaks are allocated if and when needed) .

My preps weren’t so good, I actually spent 5 and a half hours on a train with Sainsbury’s box of Flapjacks, 2 Belgium chocolate cookies, (weak willed SUGARHOLLIC, the devil won) a croissant and a 12 inch chicken tikka subway ( with bread scooped out) and my last meal was a crap birdseye ready made chicken curry with basmati rice… So not the best prep to kick me off burning fat .
The story so far 19:30… 1hour 10 min to go
I’ve been for a 1.5 mile run with intermittent squats , hurdles, and push ups ..

So far so good, I felt a little dizzy at 12 am but this soon disappeared, now I feel a little hungry, starting to feel a bit numb/tingly in the body like when you take beta alanine and this is probably due to the bad preparation yesterday,


… Will be broken with a; Glass of Himalayan salt lemon juice water and 200gram homemade chilli burger stacked with cheddar cheese , topped with 2 eggs and a massive free range organic goose egg from the local farm …seasoned with Himalayan salt and pepper…. BLISS…
And for my breakfast at 02:30 I’ll have scrambled egg or an omelette with cheese, mushrooms cooked in butter and an arrugula salad. ..
Plenty of water will be drank whoop whoop .

Garryfitness out ..

My Sugar Addiction

The term “addiction” implies psychological dependence and thus is a mental or cognitive problem, not just a physical ailment. “Addiction” is often used synonymously with the term “dependence” OR ..

IF YOU WANT IT YOU GOTTA HAVE IT … But why do we have this addiction to sugar . 

Like most ‘fitty’  types I have a cheat day every now and again , but I’m not like the average Jo as when my cheat meal comes along I have to be wise in my choices . I can have sweet potato on my cheat meal and I’ll be happy munching away, if someone ( my guardian/ keeper) is with me and shares a piece of cake with me or gets me 1 croissant I’ll be ok , no problem … but ….

If you take that guardian away from me and leave me to my own develish devices I’ll go RAMPANT

Something inside me says “go on have another” the little devil on my shoulder ties the angel up and controls me, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it , he makes me devour a massive  M&S flapjack bucket in 5 minutes and then makes me inhale a 200g bar of chocolate and hazelnut … the pictures below show me when I fall off the wagon and the evil one takes over.. pic 1 is may 2015.. pic 2 is November 2015 ( it only took 9 weeks to become like this ) and pic 3 is when I eventually got my act together and stopped the sugar . IMG_20161012_153730.jpgSo the thing which makes us binge or constantly eat sweet sugary snacks, drinks, fruit juices, smoothie ( the latter 2 is also to do with the fact that it’s been deemed as healthy , as if it’s healthy to have all the sugars from 5 fruits and blasted in a juicer or blender) and of course the cafe frapuccino with 2 squirts of caramel and cream, is not because we’re greedy and we just “want it” . It’s a chemical reaction which tells us we want it, we need it.  The reward centre in the brain tells us these things,  when the brain is constantly pounded with sugars the dopamine response is overwhelming and the brain likes it, some people’s brains ( like mine like it a lot ) and it wants more, so we eat more and usually don’t stop till we’re feeling full or sick,  or both.  So to combat these CRAZY URGES TO BINGE I don’t eat the white deadly powder or anything that gives off that sweet taste on my own, I avoid it like the plague as as soon as I take a hit it goes straight to my senses and I lose all willpower . It’s not even a case of cutting down or changing the sweet source, honey,  dates,  sweeteners , they all have the same effect . The sweeteners because they just remind me of the taste and I’ll usually go out and find the real source . So now as a rule I only eat with someone who can have a tiny piece of cake and say”that’s enough” ( yes there are people out there) and in return I’ve managed to say no to an extra square as well.


#1 AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS .. don’t buy any, infact, don’t even go down the biscuit isle . 

#2 THROW ALL DEADLY WHITE STUFF AWAY (DWS) : yep go into the kitchen  and bin everything,  wear a gas mask if needed to avoid the sweet smell 

#3 TAKE UP A HOBBY: Be active, do sport, any sport.

#4 TELL EVERYONE YOU’RE A SUGARHOLLIC: let everyone know that you can’t have any DWS. If they’re your true mates they’ll help you , and remind you anytime you look at a snickers.  

UPDATE TO THE BLOG…  Thurs 25th 

I’ve just been in Preta Manger and been offered a dark chocolate bar on the house, and as I explained to him that I write things on the evils of sugar and my addiction , he still tried to give it to me on the house … My Angel prevailed and I walked out .. happy.  Dopamine reward sensor happy.  Not because of the sugar but because of a natural high of saying no the the demons inside 💪💪💪#kickedasstoday